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Does CBD Oil Cause Liver Damage

CBD Oil is becoming a more prevalent alternative therapeutic product for a number of ailments from alleviating anxiety to assisting with disturbed sleep to providing relief from chronic pain. While there are plenty of questions surrounding CBD Oil Benefits, it is then only natural that questions will arise around potential side effects. Can I consume alcohol whilst taking CBD oil? How does CBD oil interact with other medications? Will CBD oil make me high? And another common question is does CBD oil cause liver damage?

Where Does this Question Arise From?

The curiosity surrounding CBD oil and liver damage primarily arose from a study that was conducted on mice. The effects of CBD consumption were tested on these mice with liver function coming under scrutiny during the study. Results indicated that mice that were on a very high dose of CBD were found to experience liver toxicity above safe levels. Now whilst this might seem alarming, it must be noted that the dose that they were taking (200mg per kilo of bodyweight) far exceeds the dose that would be recommended for human consumption. It is similarly observed that consuming excessive amounts of ibuprofen or paracetamol can have negative consequences so it is no surprise that it is possible to exceed what is necessary to experience a therapeutic benefit and cause harm to yourself.


Dosing Appropriately

Noting these test results, it’s obvious that excessive consumption can lead to negative consequences. Finding the right dose to soothe the ailments you’re looking to alleviate is necessary to avoid these complications. Typically, a dose of between 0.5mg/kg to 20mg/kg each day is going to avoid any negative effects from CBD oil consumption. Sometimes higher doses can be appropriate to help with some conditions but they can be incrementally increased so as to condition the body to the higher dose, helping to mitigate any side effects.


Other Liver Impacts

There needs to be a level of awareness surrounding potential complications that CBD oil can cause the liver. The liver is responsible for producing enzymes called cytochrome P450. This enzyme is responsible for breaking down specific drugs to smaller quantities, helping cells to absorb them and eliminate them properly. Although at present, effects appear to be minimal, CBD can inhibit the function of cytochrome P450, meaning that it might inhibit the efficacy of other pharmaceutical medications. It would be wise to consult your medical professional about how the prescription medication interacts with grapefruit, as it has a similar impact on cytochrome P450 as CBD.


At the end of the day, caution needs to be taken as there can be such a thing as too much of a good thing. Dosing CBD oil appropriately is going to ensure that liver function is not going to be adversely impacted. Trial and error might be required to find the dose that best works for you, but starting off within the safe parameters of consumption and increasing incrementally is going to provide you with the safest route forward with CBD oil usage.

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