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CBD Tea Australia

CBD, or cannabidiol in full, is becoming a popular natural remedy for a number of health conditions from alleviating anxiety, helping with sleep disturbance and helping with severe symptoms of conditions such as chronic pain. Notably, CBD is being combined with a number of different products making it more accessible and consumable in different methods. CBD Oil, CBD Gummies and topical CBD creams are just a few of the products where you can find CBD. Tea is another commonly consumed source which is being combined with CBD for its health benefits.

CBD Tea Availability

Whilst not currently available in Australia, CBD Tea is gaining traction and is widely available in the UK and the US. It is commonly sold in combination with other herbal tea ingredients such as peppermint, matcha and turmeric. CBD does not have a flavour so this is another reason why the other herbs are infused in the tea. Some bars, cafes and restaurants have even experimented with other infusions, combining CBD with beer, coffee, ice cream, cupcakes and cocktails.

CBD Tea Consumption

When consuming CBD Tea, there are some considerations in regard to the most effective way to consume the oil based CBD. To ensure that the oil is properly dispersed in the hot water, some recommend consuming CBD Tea with a fat source such as coconut cream or milk. This is aimed to help with the extraction, maximising the benefits of the CBD.

Some people also find it satisfying to add drops of CBD oil to their cup of tea of choice as a means of consuming CBD. Once again, including a source of fat with this mixture will improve the absorption rate of the cannabidiol.



Whilst most CBD Teas use an oil based CBD, there are some companies which are offering a water dispersible CBD powder. This broad spectrum powder is marketed as being more optimised for bioavailability. They do however also suggest consuming the tea after a meal or with a fat source as this aids the absorption of CBD.


Are Hemp Tea and CBD Tea the same?

No. Hemp teas contain hemp seeds which are the seeds of the cannabis plant. They don’t have the same purported health benefits of CBD but they do feature a rich profile of nutrients, useful bioactive compounds and fatty acids.


Benefits of CBD Tea

The benefits associated with CBD Tea are largely the same as consuming CBD in other ways. Combining the consumption with tea, you are most likely to experience an elevation of stress management. Sipping a hot cup of tea at the end of the day is calming ritual. Given CBD’s anti inflammatory, anti anxiety and analgesic properties, you are working towards amplifying the effects of the tea ritual. CBD Tea also works towards calming pain, promote healthy sleep and supporting gut health. It will go a long way to helping you unwind after a long day, relaxing the body and the mind.


CBD Tea is another method of consuming CBD that people are becoming more curious about. That curiosity is sure to spike even further once it is made readily available in Australia.

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