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CBD For Fever

There are plenty of CBD Oil Benefits that are well documented. Alleviating anxiety, soothing chronic pain symptoms, easing epileptic seizures and improving sleep disturbance are a few of the positive outcomes that can be obtained through the therapeutic use of CBD oil. We’re also going to investigate whether CBD can be used to help with symptoms of fever.



Suffering from a fever is something that virtually everyone is acquainted with. Characterised by an increase in body temperature, a fever is experienced when the body’s temperature exceeds the normal range of approximately 36-37 degrees celsius. Symptoms of fever include a feeling of weakness and physical discomfort, sweating, headaches, irritability, muscle aches and chills. The body will go into this state when it is attempting to fight an infection. Controlled by the hypothalamus, the body’s temperature will increase when it senses infection as a means of trying to fight it off.


Improving Symptoms

CBD as been found to display an anti-inflammatory response. In this sense, it can help to improve the symptoms of a person’s fever if it has been caused by inflammation. The CBD acts by triggering a response in the body’s endocannabinoid system, helping to minimise instances of inflammation. The CBD can help the body to relax, reduce aches and pains associated with the fever. The use of CBD can also result in an improved immune response. Maintaining a healthy immune system can help to prevent fevers occurring in the first place.


Immune Response

Expanding on the impact that CBD has on the immune system is an important element to understanding how it can improve the body’s interactions with fever. CBD is known to have strong anti-inflammatory antibacterial and antiviral properties. Acknowledging that fever is typically related to one of these three areas, we can begin to understand that CBD can assist in soothing symptoms. CBD’s improvement to your mood and helping to enhance calm are also going to be beneficial in combating the symptoms of fever, allowing you to rest more effectively. CBD is not going to defeat the fever on its own but it is going to give your body a boost to its immune system to help in the fight.


CBD gives the body a spike in improving the immune system’s response. The next time you are feeling a little under the weather, it might be an opportunity to see how CBD can improve your symptoms. It could be the kick start your body needs to help prevent that cold, flu or fever from becoming worse

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