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CBD Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research investigations in which volunteers test new treatments and medications as a means to manage medical conditions. Whilst the popularity of CBD is growing in many countries as an alternative therapeutic product, there are still plenty of places which are conducting further clinical trials to establish its efficacy.

Firstly, What is CBD? CBD is short for cannabidiol and is an active ingredient in cannabis which is derived from the hemp plant. It is associated with helping to improve a variety of health issues. Alleviating anxiety is typically one of the primary purposes that people might seek out CBD for consumption. CBD is not addictive and does not give you a high.

Current Clinical Trials

The Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics is currently undergoing a number of clinical trials in conjunction with the University of Sydney. CANRUN 2 is a trial which is measuring the impact of CBD on exercise enjoyment and exercise tolerance. Findings have suggested that CBD may increase feelings of pleasure during exercise, altering physiological processes to improve exercise tolerance. Participants of the study are males and females with endurance training who are being tested over a 60 minute running exercise on a treadmill, a 30 minute period of rest and an incremental run to exhaustion. The effects of the CBD intake will allow for appropriate assessments for the general population.

Another study the Lambert Initiative is doing is the CUPID study. This is looking at the impacts that CBD has on people suffering with insomnia disorder. The study is seeking to determine how CBD affects the sleep architecture of the patients and their next day function. Patients are being subjected to four overnight studies with either a low dosage or high dosage of CBD.

The NSW Government has funded a clinical trial involving medicinal cannabis as an effective treatment for symptoms of nausea and vomiting in people undergoing chemotherapy. There is still a prevalence of patients who experience these symptoms despite the use of antiemetic medical treatments. The trial is utilising a pharmaceutical grade capsule of plant derived CBD developed by a Canadian cannabis medicine company. These capsules also feature THC as a part of the consistent ratio formula. The outcomes of the trial will involve free access to further cannabis medicine for patients who experience positive effects.

Proposed Clinical Trials

The University of Sydney is proposing to conduct a clinical trial on CBD as an adjunct for the treatment of Anorexia Nervosa in young people. Anorexia nervosa is characterised by a severe aversion to weight gain from eating food which manifests with an extreme level of anxiety. It has a very high rate of mortality with low treatment success rates. Given CBD’s well known influence on tempering anxiety, the study will look to use CBD as a means of helping patients with their food related anxiety in an attempt to help them gain weight.

Medlab Clinical Ltd is seeking to conduct an experiment involving CBD as an observational study on the safety, tolerability and efficacy of CBD when administered as an Oro-Buccal spray. The outcomes of the trial are to determine how the CBD impacts the treatment of pain and stress. The study is to be non-interventional across a multitude of sites around Australia using botanical extract CBD as well as a synthetic CBD.

The University of Queensland is looking to conduct a clinical trial using CBD as a means of improving the health outcomes of people with Clozapine Refractory Schizophrenia. The trial is proposed to be conducted over a twelve week period in an effort to see an improvement in the scores of the patient’s Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS). It is hypothesised that patients using the CBD will have a difference of up to 5 units on the scale over the twelve week period. The PANSS scale is a measure of the treatment of antipsychotic therapy with patients being tested in outcomes such as delusions, hostility, emotional withdrawal and difficulty in abstract thinking.


Clinical trials are an important stage of the process in making CBD more widely accepted as a therapeutic treatment for many different conditions and disorders. These institutions are making excellent progress in helping CBD become more commonly available.

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